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Boise Bench Rehab/Remodel Project

After watching years of HGTV and selling flip/investment properties to other buyers and investors for the last decade, I decided it was time to tackle a rehab project alongside my business partner. Our goal was to find a "diamond in the rough". We knew it would be hard to find in our current highly competitive sellers real estate market we have been facing in Boise. We also wanted to find a home that is close to downtown and preferably on the Bench!

After some patience, we were able to close on this 1930s home on the Bench. Let's just say it needed a little work. The previous owner was kind enough to leave the old coal ash from the old coal furnace, and about 6 full dumpsters of trash as a closing gift!


It wasn't exactly turn key - check out this amazing kitchen.


The bathroom needed a bit of a scrubbing . . .


The basement had some sweet vintage fixtures, but we saw the potential . . .


Here are a few more of the before pictures:

After many headaches, surprises, a few choice words that can't be written on this page, and a lot of hard work, we were able to transform this long neglected bench home into something that I'd be happy to call home.

We were able to open up the kitchen by removing a wall. We cleared out the basement and moved ducting and plumbing lines. The home now has new windows, doors, flooring, kitchen, sheetrock, bathroom, electric, plumbing, hvac, texture and paint. Overall it was an amazing experience and I'm happy that we were able to improve a home in the neighborhood. Now on to the next one!

Here's how the home turned out -


(here's that same kitchen with new cabinets, counters, appliances etc)

New Kitchen

The bathroom is a little cleaner than before!

Here's that once cramped and filthy basement

Photo Gallery of more after shots:

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