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“It's so nice to work with a local group of agents that know their niche market so well. The entire team at Bench Real Estate Group exceeded my expectations. I've bought and sold many homes and will never work with a different agent again.”

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

Bench Real Estate Group has superior market knowledge in Boise Area real estate and the skills needed to help our clients achieve their real estate goals. We offer close attention to detail, excellent marketing and negotiation skills, and close relationships in the industry, that make it easy to complete real estate transactions - even in a challenging market.

But most important - we truly enjoy the satisfaction of improving the lives of our clients.

Our passion is customer service.

-"Pete not only sold our house (unlisted), but we loved him so much we used him to purchase our new home. If you're looking for a real estate professional that will go the extra mile and make a deal....Pete is your guy! Thanks, Pete!!!"

-"Working with Shay every day was a complete delight even if our communication was limited mostly by phone and e-mail correspondence. I had the pleasure of seeing her at annual sales meetings and was quickly able to ascertain why she was a successful salesperson; her ability to quickly connect with people on a personal level was immense."
Robert Eback

-"We first contacted Pete when we were shopping for a cabin near a ski resort. Even though we were on a limited budget he spent days with us showing us property and familiarizing us with the area. Thanks to his counseling and negotiation skills we saved thousands when purchasing a second home"

-"Shay is a remarkable combination of professional sales rep, marketing consultant, industry insider and good person. She has brought a sense of professionalism and experience to our team that allowed our whole team to raise its standards. Her communication is impeccable. She prioritizes extremely well. Her work ethic is excellent as she consistently goes beyond expectation. Shay also exhibits wonderful leadership qualities. Many of our staff members are less experienced and she took the time to teach. Shay is very intelligent, articulate and trustworthy."
Edward Zimmerman
President at The Food Connector

-"Shay was by far one of the most intelligent, quick witted, organized, and dedicated people that I have worked with. She is a true professional that will go the extra mile to ensure a successful campaign and would highly benefit ANY organization."
James Carso
Vice President Enterprise Sales at nuOrder Technologies (SaaS)

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